Virtualization, mobility, along with governance and compliance resources, deliver performance and security that makes investments funds manager stand out

Easy cooperation; top quality in customers’ service; and compliance to strict security and compliance rules are essential premises in the operation of the country’s most modern and successful investment funds managers. In this context, A5 Solutions has implemented the best and most efficient communication platform, matching the most advanced solutions in financial operations desk; Unified Communications platform; and calls recording, indexing and recovery system.


With more than R$ 30 billion in assets under its management, the manager render extremely critical services to the client, while operating in a sector with strict regulation. Considered the most successful investment funds manager by economy media, the strategy is strongly supported by the ongoing prospecting of opportunities by the 65 managers, strategists, market analysts and economists. “Our analysis join the perceptions and knowledge that result in the best ideas for investment”, summarizes the institution’s executive board.

Due to the dynamism of the capital market, where many opportunities are quick and volatile, the company needs to ensure high quality and stability in telephone services to brokers, as any delay in the financial negotiation can represent a great loss. It is also mandatory to observe the compliance requirements of the capitals and financial market regulators. Another challenge was to maximize internal communication among workers, one of the bases of the differential aspect of the investments manager.

Solution and Results

Technological innovation and rigidity in business rules

Financial operations desks are, nowadays, the interface with the capital market, what makes them essential the stability and performance of the platform. In order to meet the high business requirements, A5 Solutions has implemented the platform SpeakerBus, which has been a leader for 3 years among the main capital market operators.

Given the importance of all commercial operations carried out, 100% of the calls are recorded, in all extensions, not only in the financial desks. Therefore, A5 Solutions has integrated the communications system to NICE Trading Recording platform, which automates the filing, according to the client and the regulator’s rules, as well as includes advanced indexing and recovery resources to the content of the calls.

The dynamism of the internal communication, the institution’s strategy basis, is supported at Avaya Communication Manager 6 platform. The Unified Communications solution (UC) delivers features such as mobile stretching of extensions (with softphone); conference with screen sharing; and other cooperation resources. While it aggregates flexible functionalities, performance and security, UC solution reduces operational costs and also presents expansion capacity without the need of capital investment (Capex). This is because the platform, which currently supports 100 extensions, runs in a virtualized manner, in market servers, such as VMware.

The flexibility and productivity obtained with the communication integrated system came along with the advanced management practices, including meeting the security and compliance requirements. Both internal terminals and the other endpoints, including mobile users, are controlled in a centralized management portal.