Unified Communications & Cooperation

Communication between employees, external collaborators and clients transparently through any device, network or application.


A5 Solutions’ UC platform allows that employees, external workers and clients interconnect in the most convenient and economic manner in each context, with interactions that are increasingly richer and productive.

  Ongoing experience and range
Either through terminals in the company, home office, remote access, mobile, cloud applications or other communication tools, users are always connected to the workgroup, to the organization and to the clients.

  Integration with business applications and workflow
UC solutions are integrated in a transparent manner, as a service attached to the corporate applications and business processes.

  BYOD and mobility
Enable your users to use smartphones and other personal devices with all the resources and security of UC corporate platforms.

  Security and compliance
Enjoy the innovations, the opportunities of differentiation and cost reduction, without losing control of your information security and communication policies.

  Easiness and cost reduction
Corporate network, broadband connections, mobile data, telephone services gateways and other means ensure that users in any location are connected, with the best cost/benefit routes.

  Integration with cloud services
Users in environments such as Gmail, Office 365, Salesforce and other cloud applications are included and managed into UC platform. Besides the range provided by this integration, the convergence of functionalities brings simple resources with high results to productivity, from, for instance, the alternative of accessing the voice mail by a webmail, to CTI integrations with the CRM on the web.

  Fast implementation, scalability and optimizations
When moving the UC solutions and cooperation to software platforms, A5 Solutions’ offer reduces drastically the need of Capex in the acquisition and installation of equipment. In order to maximize this benefit, software-based solutions are developed for virtualization platforms, which reduces the impact in the cost of the data center or cloud contracts.
More than simplifying and reducing the need for investments, this architecture enables that applications grow or diminish, without running the risk of inefficiency or waste of resources. Learn more about our solutions.

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