Content sharing

Maximizing cooperation.

More than allowing cooperation between teams in several sites, our communication, creation and content sharing solutions make information and knowledge each person has reached in the most complete, clear and objective manner to the whole organization.

Whatever the media or format (files, handwriting, etc.), ease of use makes the content sharing platform a natural repository of the information and interactions that occur in the organization.

Besides internal cooperation, the easiness to use and the variety of multimedia resources leverage the capacity users have to produce their own contents, what maximizes the reach and efficiency of communication.

Web rich interactions

The sharing and video conferencing platform resources are accessible from any browser.

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With the native integration of the platform with Skype for Business, different video systems work naturally together.
Our solution improves the user’s experience, with additional images of participants or landscape views of the conference rooms.

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Decentralized production

Users can create presentations with top effect, with quality videos, presentations of screens and other resources. The platform also has the capacity of optimizing the distribution, with native integration to CDN (content delivery network), as well as allowing the management of accesses and sharing.

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