Unified Communication and Messaging

Simplicity and effectiveness for communication and collaboration.

Unified Messaging

The platform unifies the access to e-mail, voice mail and other message systems, which start being delivered by any interface (webmail, telephone, mobile etc.).
Built on a platform with native security and backup resources, the messages can be stored both in servers Microsoft Exchange or other platforms.
The integration with the communication converging environment and with the corporate applications also enable the creation of schemes for scheduling messages, with the guarantee that the notifications and warnings arrive by any media.

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Unified Communications personal center

The platform brings multiple communication manners daily used to a single interface. Whether using a corporate network, web, or mobile networks, each user has full access to their communication resources in their PC, smartphone or any connected device.
With the solution, users can alternate between several forms of use – audio, video, chat etc. – and the system identifies factors such as access device, band and location, to deliver the best possible experience to all.
Besides the user being able to activate all communication resources (PBX, contact lists, e-mail etc.) in a single environment, UC platform’s features can be built-in as “services” in CRM systems, B2B portals and other applications that can be leveraged with assertive interactions at the right time.

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Unified communications built-in to cloud applications

The cloud solution brings the full work environment to the browser, with benefits of range, facility to use and cost reduction.
With only one browser and an Internet connection, the user can run all the functions of the platform of corporate telephone services, such as transfers and dials.
The solution gives access to the contact list, directory and other services, from the session in the browser.
Users of platforms in the cloud, such as Gmail, Office 365 and Salesforce have features such as checking all the message systems at once and respond, automatically activate scheduled meetings and calls; and access conferences corporate systems.

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Unified communications in any desktop

A5 provides a solution that turns any desktop into a complete station of audio and video communication. The solution, totally software-based, can be integrated to the any platform, which enables PCs anywhere to work as terminals of the corporate communication systems.
The open architecture, which lead advanced functionalities to low cost hardware, also allow the use in desktops virtualization platforms and virtualization of applications, such as Citrix, Dell-Wyse and VMware.
The architecture was developed since the beginning to separate the content (image and sound) from the signaling traffic, what implies in an optimized use of the available band.

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