Conquer and retain clients, the company’s reputation and especially its results are determined by the efficiency and quality of its communication and relationship channels. Both in assisted and automated service, A5 Solutions delivers the combination of technologies that are leaders in the industry with improvements and optimizations developed in more than 20 years of projects in the most recognized companies in the market.

  Automation, productivity, cost reduction and gains of satisfaction
Review of processes workflow; integration of support applications to the operator; and identification and prompt adjustment of bottlenecks reduce risks of a turn over, operational costs and service time, with responses that are quicker and more relevant to the client.

  Omnichanel experience
Web chat, text message, email, social networks, mobile app and telephone channel are consolidated as the single communication path between the company and its client, capable of recognizing the demand in multiple interactions and responding by the most appropriate means, either due to smaller cost or client’s preference.

  Analytics omnichannel
Each piece of information obtained from the assisted interactions, IVR or web and mobile channels, as well as CRM data, offer a contextualized view of the client’s path in their communication with the company.

  Support and services
A5 Solutions’ team has professionals with the top certifications from manufacturers, qualified to implement and support the solutions according to the premises of your environment.

  Humanized automatic service
Telephone services remain essential, as a requirement from the audience and the regulatory body. We employ speech recognition technologies, analytical intelligence and other innovations so that the clients in this channel have an experience that is more and more effective, while reducing the cost of the operation.

  Monitoring or performance and quality
Managers and supervisors have available reports of abandoned calls, average time of call and other indicators.

  More opportunities, smaller costs to all
Besides leveraging the satisfaction and retention of clients in receptive operations, A5 Solutions includes in its solution predictive dial devices, web call back and tools that, along with smart systems, ensure that your company reach clients that have bigger potential, with full alignment between business costs and objectives.

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