Authentication and fraud prevention

The contact center is one of the channels that fraudulent individuals make use of non-presential interactions for false identity scams. Our set of authentication solutions aims at preventing these frauds, without prejudice to the performance of the operations and client’s experience.

The operator is always willing to make everything that is possible to solve the client’s problems, which also determines their performance metrics. Do not let this effort turn into something to facilitate access to fraudulent individuals, who are more and more using sophisticated techniques in their attacks to contact centers. Instead, turn security into a facilitator to the clients. See how our solutions protect the company, employees and clients, with more simplicity to users:

Biometric identification

As voice is a unique, personal characteristic, legitimate clients are recognized by comparison to the registrations or recording of previous calls.
In order to block the action of repeated attacks by fraudulent individuals, who use several stolen identities and, many times, have access to verification data, recordings of attempts of incidents of fraud generate a biometric record of the offenders, whose voice is recognized even before they try to start the scam

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Analytical intelligence

Behavioral analysis of the content of conversations (with speech recognition technology); history comparisons; and other mechanisms can be implemented to finely-tune the identification of risks of fraud.

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Reduction of conflicts, false negatives and best client’s experience

Accumulate authentication factors, such as password and personal data for authentication, creates a self-defeating experience and, sometimes, may generate new risks. The smart use of resources from the service channel itself, such as caller’s location and voice recognition, along with other analysis tools, enable the creation of schemes that are, at the same time, more assertive and transparent to the user.

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Ongoing improvements and policies

Our solutions speed up the identification of new modes and profiles of fraud, while facilitating the creation of a set of countermeasures.

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