Back office performance solutions

As good as the front end activities may be, quality in customers’ service depend on the organization and rationality of back office processes.

Workforce management

automates repetitive processes, enables managers to monitor and manage resources, aligns planning and execution and give workers self-management conditions

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Performance management

Optimizes the distribution of the workload, allows the maintenance of stable service levels and qualifies users to engage in performance goals

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Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Identifies bottlenecks and unproductive procedures that negatively affect the performance and the quality of back office tasks, with real time access to performance indicators.

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Optimization of processes in real time

Automation of the search for information and functionalities of several systems, along with the work processes rationalization, ensure that the operators and clients’ time is being used in a more objective and satisfactory manner, leveraging satisfaction and results.

Automation robots

let people focused on doing “people’s work” and place an automated system for functions that set aside subjective decisions. Not having the risk of making errors due to repetitive tasks, employees are more available and motivated to foresee and solve what requires human intelligence

Quality management

Ocon soluciones que analizan el comportamiento y gestionan la fuerza de trabajo, es posible medir si la práctica de los empleados se alinean a las políticas de cualidad, y además, ofrecen a los gestores una visión objetiva de las necesidades de herramientas, entrenando sobre ajustes para el cumplimiento de las metas.ur solutions show how much workers understand and are aligned to the quality policies, and give managers an objective view of the needs of tools, training and adjustments for fulfillment of the goals

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