Contact Center Applications

Smart solutions for multichannels

Whatever the channel or service to customer, automatic or assisted, our applications deliver gains in efficiency; an ongoing experience for developers and users of omnichannel services; besides turning interactions into data sources for improvements both in the contact center operations and in the business as a whole.
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Best self-service experience – IVR and mobile

We adjust the interactions in the Interactive Voice Response to the best practices in the market, as well as the particularities of the target audience.
For smartphones users, the Visual IVR solution turns dial-up navigation scripts into the menus of an application, with full use of the business rules and workflows developed and updated at the IVR.

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Workflow automation and integration between systems

Meu Operador Eletrônico (MOE) is a script solution that automates interactions in work routines that involve the operation of multiple applications. The automation reduces chances of errors, makes more time for people and boosts calls assistants’ motivation.

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Visibility and capacity of intervention – intelligence in CTI

A5 Solutions’ competence with the main communication platforms in the market is completed with solutions that pave the road to ongoing improvement.
InsightWeb allows the manager to see and optimize the client’s experience. Among its modules, Insight Report offers a description of the process of calls. It is possible to check disconnection points of calls, percentage of calls withheld, use of services, analyze the derivation to human call service, among other functions.
Insight IVR Manager offers real time management of menus, messages, transfer points and forwardings.

There is also the Insight Callback, which prevents the loss of opportunities in case of seasonal peaks, with a satisfying experience to the client.
InsightPhone integrates the softphone of the call center agent to the web CRM platform. Therefore, it is possible to control the call and inform the caller’s identification directly to the CRM.
ForcePhone is an application that allows to use the main telephone services functionalities necessary to a call service operation in a contact center directly from the Salesforce. The agent has access to all the controls in their telephone (from a hardphone or a softphone) and also to their activities, being able to change their status (available, pause, post- call service) during the work shift.

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