Reporting & Analytics

Reports and Analytical Intelligence

Reporting & analytics

Our reports and analytical intelligence solutions offer a detailed and articulated view of the multiple factors that determine cost, productivity, efficiency and results in the activities of a contact center. The tools that enable the real time management of the several layers of the services, from the performance of the equipment to the perception of the quality of clients in relation to the self-service scripts and operators scripts

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Optimization of operational efficiency

From the capture of data from multiple PBXs and other contact center systems, managers have data about duration of customer’s service, loss or abandonment of calls and use of the infrastructure, in order to obtain the best balance in availability, performance and costs

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Analysis of interactions and clients’ perception

Immediately eliminate points of conflict and constantly improve client’s experience with our analytics solutions in real time. Speech recognition technology enables the analysis of the content of the calls, including the identification of key words that indicate the tendency of each client. The profile of navigation through the functionalities and customer’s service, as well as the behavior in self-services channels and in the interactions with the operators, also enable having a comprehensive view of the quality and result of the service.

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Relevant information at the right time

Several types of analysis and reports, both operational and management, offer the basis to several strategic decisions and operation management activities. Our solutions enable to match information captured in real time with the historical data, what offers a contextualization of the occurrences and indicators. It is also possible to configure scheduled reports, warnings and automatic adjustment processes.

Increase the effectiveness and quality of communication and relationship channels

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