Large financial analysis provider migrates infrastructure from contact center and corporate telephony operations to A5 Solutions’ cloud services, which support both internal and service providers’ activities.

In addition to cost savings and the flexibility to upgrade, resize, and distribute workloads (as internal or third-party service providers access the same platform), A5 Solutions has implemented improvements, such as process optimization and automation, that added efficiency and quality to the operation.



One of the largest providers of financial analysis, with clients nationwide, has its own and outsourced PAs (service positions). Although the largest volume of calls is routed to its partner, the institution maintains its own operation, also in order to monitor and compare the quality metrics.

The moment of migration of service provider evidenced the difficulty of reconciling multiple technological standards and process designs. In addition to all integration effort, operate with critical information requires extra care with the provider’s infrastructure and applications, which made job balancing even more exhausting.

The multiplicity of platforms in the service operation also made updates, improvements, and management more difficult to implement comprehensively. Scalability, which is fundamental in a type of business that expands and retracts very reactively to the market, was another critical point, since any expansion involved investment decisions.


Solutions and Results

Currently with around 300 PAs and corporate facilities in two locations, the company migrated to a more efficient and scalable model, replacing its technology infrastructure with A5 Solutions’ Cloud Services offering.

With the modernization of the model, the organization starts to maintain its communication systems in a Tier III data center, with the highest levels of availability and performance. A5 Solutions’ Cloud Services line includes a number of applications such as omnichannel service (voice, email, SMS, chat), interactive voice response (IVR), voice and screen recording, CTI, management and control desk services, with live reports and logs.

More than performance gains provided by cloud services solutions, the great economic benefits come from the intelligence added to the service process, with improvements that A5 Solutions has developed in the project. With its customization strategy, supported by strong expertise in applications and best practices, A5 Solutions has brought efficiency with actions such as revision of IVR scripts, automation of recurring processes, and other innovations that have reduced costs with specialized assistants and repetitive tasks.


More dynamic and sustainable paths

Mapping and optimizing processes, deploying cloud infrastructure, and delivering calls to PAs and corporate branch lines within the established service level does not deplete gains expectations with the modernization of the communication platform.

Among the immediate benefits, the organization has gained agility in the growth and evolution of services, such as emulation of app or chatbot IVR scripts.

In addition to simplifying the application upgrade, the expansion or contraction of the contracted capacity, and rely on better operating practices, technological standardization, as well as the effectiveness of A5 Solutions’ reports and indicators, provide a leap in management quality. As all users, employees or third parties, access the same platform, changes made at one central point extend evenly across the value chain. In practice, the contact center can change its address, or a new provider can be hired, without having to install practically nothing at the service points.

The standardization of the technology platform makes it easier to establish and compare metrics between service providers. Another important benefit is that processes today are documented in a structured way, which adds freedom and assertiveness to the organization’s strategic decisions.