Personalization, relevant functionalities and easiness in interaction with the self-service platform increase user’s satisfaction and leverage business results.


Customer and Challenge


For one of the country’s largest insurance groups, the capacity of adequacy of its products and, especially, the reliability in the customer’s service are essential points to operate in a highly competitive sector, where it competes against financial groups with great capacity and strength in the market. In this strategic context, IVR resources became limited to serve both insured persons as well as brokers and potential clientes.

Before the project, the insurance company had a conventional IVR to serve insured persons, brokers and prospects, with only a few services related to loss. Most options in the self-service forwarded calls to human call service. This cause a great workload, high waiting time and high costs with calls assistance personnel.

Solution and Results


The insurance company then turned to the expertise in consulting and implementation of A5 Solutions, which not only added new services to the self-service platform, but also made navigation objective, with functions that are relevant to each client and situation.

Besides immediate results, such as the increase in the volume of resolution with the IVR and reduction in internal work, the platform brought resources that offer visibility to the quality of the service, with indicators and reports. Another long-term benefit is the new parameterization feature, which allow quick changes and ongoing improvements, which, can also be used by other self-service channels (mobile apps, for instance).


Automation of the back office and humanization of the interfaces

At the front desk, A5 Solutions’ consulting area carried out a study of the profiles of users and services in order to identify opportunities for optimization in interactions. The IVR interface was “humanized” and the scripts revision, more granular now, results in a more objective and assertive navigation through the options.

The project of the insurance company with A5 Solutions also involved integrations with the corporate platforms, to gather client’s recognition data, requests in progress, generate protocols, etc.

More than reducing the human resources load, the waiting time, as well as the total time for the service, having effects on the retention indicators, the automatic integration with the back office systems result in a great decrease in the inadequate transfers of calls, which would generate costs, as well as risks of conflicts with users.

From the variety of functionalities and receptivity of optimized self-services, the organization plans to add options and increase the use of the electronic channel. The solution implemented by A5 Solutions was also designed so that the insurance company had flexibility for adjustments or new strategies, by means of a web interface liable to be parameterized and a reports platform that offers traceability to the whole electronic service cycle.