A5 Solutions innovates infrastructure and functionality of the call center, to complement and deliver the best experience to the user of service based on mobile application.


Customer and Challenge

In a transport services company supported on mobile applications, the services at the call center are essential for clients’ retention and fidelization. Users that have the application as preferred channel have an even higher expectation when the look for the assisted service. In order to obtain high quality in its call center, with the objectiveness and easiness expect by the clients, the provider turned to A5 Solutions to reformulate the whole environment, from the network infrastructure to the applications to call assistants.

Although the company already had a high quality platform for call center operations, developed by Avaya, the growth from 5 to 50 PAs (service positions), along with its consolidation as a market leader, impose the need to implement more advanced and custom-made functionalities.


Solution and Results


IVR integration, app and assisted service

When calling the call center, the user has immediately a differentiated experience. In case the call is from a registered number, the call assistant receives simultaneously the client’s identification and additional information, as an open request in the application. Sometimes, it can be necessary to enter the telephone number or the CPF (a national identification number), but, having this available, the resolution of the problem is immediately addressed, not wasting precious time to identify the client.

Besides the expertise in the call center platforms and CTI, the A5 group’s software services unit, supported the systems integration and developed interfaces to facilitate and speed up the tasks of the calls agents. When receiving a call, the operator’s screen displays all the relevant information, not being necessary to shift between several applications.

The call center receives information in real time on what the user tried to do using the application; likewise, processes started during the telephone contact can also be followed by notifications in the mobile app.

In the project, there were also implemented quality indicators, satisfaction surveys and other ongoing improvements mechanisms.

A5 Solutions was also responsible for designing, implementing and supporting a reformulation to the network infrastructure, in order to meet the highest performance and security requirements. The updating involved a review of the cabling, installation of high performance and resilience switches, and other elements in the network. In the Wi-Fi access, used by employees and visitors, it was made a segmentation of the network, so that no incident adversely affects the availability, performance and security of the operations.