Cooperation, mobility, automatic optimization solutions, along with the full visibility over the relationship operations, leverage the reputation and sales of healthcare products e-commerce.


Customer and Challenge


Largest store in the segment of products for physiotherapy, aesthetic and preventive healthcare, the exclusivity of the items in the portfolio and the qualification of sales persons imply on the need to have a national customers service, although the physical presence is restricted to the state of São Paulo. The telephone services, therefore, is an essential service to the sales. However, before the A5 Solutions’ project, the client was not able to manage the performance of the call service and, therefore, had difficulties in making the necessary adjustments to ensure the commercial results and the clients’ satisfaction.


Solution and Results


With the solution implemented by A5 Solutions, the company started having monitoring and reports in real time about the call center operations, which, in turn, gain productivity.

In order to make available the most advanced and effective functionalities in the contact center, A5 Solutions implemented the platform Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS). Sized for small to medium-sized business units, ACCS has resources for identification, call routing, cooperation, and other facilities that improve the customers’ experience. Besides the new services, ACCS also promotes a more precise management, with operations dashboards and support indicators to tactical decisions, such as adding or replacing employees to the service.


Productivity, flexibility and economy

ACCS applications run on the Avaya IP Office Unified Communications system, a solution also designed for small and medium-sized companies. One of the immediate results of the implementation by A5 Solutions was a cost reduction with the configuration of cost-effective routes between the retailer’s locations. The financial gain is reinforced in the fees of the mobile calls, because the system checks the destination operator and makes the call using the most advantageous telephone chip (to use intranetwork fees).

The connection to the IP Office can be done by telephone terminals, PCs, mobile devices, in the local network or in remote accesses. The integration of the ACCS to the IP Office delivers, in a transparent manner, calls routing schemes (based on the specialization of the call assistant or other criteria), prioritization, management reports and workforce management.