Traffic that is growing heavier, applications sensible to quality, new devices and users entering all the time and, consequently, security and compliance challenges that grow day by day demand more and more from the infrastructure.

A5 has experience in the implementation of communication networks with capacity to meet the demand for business applications such as ERP and CRM, besides corporate communication applications which combine voice, video and data in one or multiple locations.

Our solution lines are scaled to serve to the whole context of connected companies, with equipment and tools that encompass the whole integrated work environment, including corporate networks, distributed units, remote accesses and cloud services.

  Custom-made performance, cost reduction and stability
Besides having professionals with the top certifications from manufacturers of networking and security solutions, A5 Solutions has a deep knowledge of the premises of applications and services. This enables to obtain the best configurations, with minimized costs and terms, benefits that occur in the implementation and are extended to the support through time.

  Open solutions ready for the future
The commitment with standards and the use of the most advanced SDN architectures (software defined network) leave your environment ready to incorporate new technologies from any supplier, with immediate integration to the network and to the unified management.

  Scalability and ease for changes
A5 Solutions’ solutions make the environment ready to simplify changes in the premises of applications, inclusion of users, extensions to remote and mobile accesses, along with new or seasonal demands.

  End-to-end security
Whatever the complexity of your networks is, A5 Solutions implements several protection mechanisms necessary to cover the whole cycle traveled by the critical information, from the corporate servers to remote accesses. Besides ensuring that all the implementations are made from a centralized point, making the security policies uniform, we make the environment ready for the most rigorous audits by certifiers or regulators.

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