Advanced Persistant Threat Detection

Complete network protection against malicious attacks

Along with well-known threats, cybercriminal keep trying to understand the defense mechanisms and to create attacks that explore blind spots in corporate systems and in user’s end. A5 Solutions’ approach matches advanced threats analysis mechanisms with an effective protection to access devices in several platforms (Android, ChromeOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS and iOS).

APTD solutions implemented by A5 Solutions also operate jointly with the firewall, WAFs, e-mail filters and other security components. Besides reinforcing protection, this integration enables the visibility of the whole path and the set of breaches explored in each type of attack.

Protection to known and new threats

A5 Solutions’ sandbox recognizes the threats constantly identified by antimalware and is also capable of identifying and examining modalities of unknown malware.
For potentially threatening content, the sandbox verifies the effects of its execution in a separate environment, preventing that the malware reaches the system and access your data. On the other hand, the high performance in the implementation in ASIC prevents that legitimate services are blocked and this adversely affects the user’s experience.
Our sandbox solution is recommended by NSS Labs and is certified by ICSA Labs among the best protection solutions to advanced threats. The unified support to multiple protocols and protection layers, as well as management tools, simplify the implementation and the operation, what ensures a prompt and effective protection.
APTD functionalities can be implemented in physical, virtualized or cloud appliances.

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Users under protection in any platform

With the diversity of devices with critical information or access to corporate systems, the production of malware also increases its range of target platforms, social engineering techniques, contamination vectors (mobile apps, social networks, messages, etc.) and other forms of attack to end points. Our client protection solution brings automation resources, multiplatform support and centralized management, what provides a wide and effective solution, not being necessary to have security professionals intervening in each device.
Block, access policies and other security resources are automatically implemented in Android, ChromeOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS and iOS devices.
Besides automating the management, the updating and fulfillment of the policies in access devices, the integration with other security structure elements enable a view of the potential unfoldings of each threat.

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