Application Security

Protection to systems and data wherever they are

Vulnerabilities to web applications, email scams, sabotage to servers and other attacks to the software layer or to the users themselves are modalities exploited by hackers of several categories, from young offenders who use kits available on the web to criminal organizations.

A5 Solutions offers comprehensive and effective protection solutions to attacks to integrity, availability and privacy of information systems. The systems are prepared to recognize most attacks before they occur, as well as being able to identify new modalities of threats (zero day).

Besides a robust protection, we give priority to other features in our application security solutions:


Implementations with ASIC (specific processor for application) and high I/O capacity enable to perform detailed inspections to the content in the traffic, without any risk of latency or performance loss.

Virtualized and cloud solutions

All functionalities available at the appliances can be implemented in virtualized hardware or in services from the cloud.

Certifications and compliance

We work with technologies that are reference by organizations such as NSS and Gartner. Our solutions are also aligned with the main security guidelines for critical systems, such as PCI DSS (payment networks) and PII (personal data privacy).

See our solutions:

WAF – Web Applications Firewall

The term for projects and the volume of the development of applications and services on the web many times imply in vulnerabilities in the software, which creates entry points to invaders. Our WAF solution constantly updates discovery of vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URLs, malicious contents and other threats, as well as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows and poisoned cookie.
WAF also includes balancing resources, in the application layer (7), besides SSL acceleration.
Along with updatings and analysis of behavior of the applications, the WAF includes a sandbox, where doubtful codes run, in a segregated manner, so that they may reveal possible threats, before they are admitted to the network.
The WAF solution is also available at the market places of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

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Email comprehensive security

Several forms of social engineering and intrusion techniques make the email a dangerous vector of threats. Our email protection solution prevents both the entrance, such as trojans or other malicious executable files, and the leaking of information.
The email protection solution can be scaled to the installations to several sizes, from small offices to large service providers. It has a high performance appliance and may be implemented in virtualized or cloud devices.
Our email security solution gathers functionalities of antispam, antiphishing, anti-malware, sandboxing, data loss prevention (DLP), cryptography and storage of messages.

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Protection to DDoS

Attacks of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are relatively common instruments from unfair competitors, cybercriminals and hackers with several motivations, from simple notoriety to criminal “activism”. The techniques of this type of attack also vary, what requires a versatile and multi-layer protection solution.
The DDoS solution defends the organization of identified and unknown attacks (zero day). With a throughput of up to 48 Gbps, the solution brings an effective protection, without latency setbacks.
The analysis in layers 3, 4 and 7 (network, transport and application) is carried out in a dedicated processor (ASIC), what enables the monitoring of hundreds of parameters simultaneously, without affecting the performance of the services.
DDoS protection functionalities can also run in virtualized hardware or cloud.

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