Ethernet Switches

Network Performance, Security and Management

Performance, high availability and resilience

The network intelligence enables the switches to operate as a set, both to maximize the capacity and to make the network more resistant to failures.

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Hyper segmentation, security and compliance

Advanced multi-tier management techniques enable applications to go through multiple instances, such as private data centers and clouds, with the guarantee of segregation of critical traffic. Due to our experience in several projects, A5 Solutions also foresees the technical requirements of regulations in different sectors.

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Scalability and end-to-end solutions

Our Ethernet routing switches portfolio comprises equipment for local networks, access, aggregation in data center, as well as to corporate backbones.

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Virtualized platforms

Addition of functionalities, support to new protocols and applications, reallocation of provisioning, resilience schemes and other changes in the environment are performed through an abstraction layer, which simplifies operations today and prepares the network for the future.

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