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In order to render end-to-end security, our firewall solutions are scalable for LANs defenses (physical or virtual), corporate networks, virtualized environments, clouds and distributed units.

A5 Solutions is certified to plan and perform the implementation of firewalls. Besides presenting the best set of functionalities and the best cost/benefit relation, the solution also enables the management of heterogeneous environments from a unified control interface.

A5 Solutions’ firewall solutions meet several corporate demands:

High end firewall

With high performance, scalability and density, the equipment for backbone support a high volume of traffic, without affecting the performance of the applications and services

Mid-range firewall

The equipments present superior performance, high density of ports and ensure the fulfillment of security policies in small and medium-sized companies, as well as in distributed business units

Entry level firewall

Our solution includes appliances with up to 4 Gbps of throughput and integrated 1 GE ports. The matching of high performance, density of ports and consolidation of security functions takes the highest protection standards to offices, branches and other small-sized facilities, eliminating points and weaknesses in the services supported by the network

Firewall for clouds

Optimized configurations protect the traffic in public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Virtual Appliances

In a solution that is fully software based, the virtualized configuration of the firewall brings all the management and security functions.

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