Identities and Accesses Management

Manage multiple devices and users with security and responsibility.

Mobile workforce, remote accesses and use of Wi-Fi networks by employees and visitors’ personal devices require a control for authorizations that is at the same time granular and dynamic. A5 Solutions works with a set of technologies that ensure the fulfillment of the security and compliance policies, without affecting the flexibility required by users.

Automation and simplicity to ensure the fulfillment and reach of policies

A5 Solutions offers a solution for access and identity management that includes a simplified interface to define authorizations, restrictions, expiry terms and other policies for new users or access devices. With a provisioning and admission process that takes only a few seconds, all the resources for the fulfillment of the policies are automatically activated.
The solution of identity management and access is integrated to the directory services (LDAP e Active Directory). Fully software based, the Identity Engines run in virtual appliances and are accredited to VMware platform.

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Strong authentication tools

The use of static passwords causes several security breaches, overloads the service desk, creates bottlenecks or points of conflict in the organization, besides making it difficult to perform the traceability and the assignment of responsibility for actions in the systems.
At the user’s end, the dynamic authentication solution has three options:
– Displays the password exclusive for each transaction (OTP) on the cell phone
– USB token for certificates in the X.509 PKI standard
– A portable display that makes offline synchronization, with random passwords generated in the server (time-based one-time password, TOTP)

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