Intelligence and automation to shape the network to applications and services.

Expansion projects to electronic channels, applications sensible to the quality of connections and other updating demands and network optimization require quick and effective solutions, to make it feasible the adjustments in the infrastructure within time and budgets limits.

In order to simplify and optimize the planning, implementation and management of the network, A5 Solutions uses a SDN (software defined network) architecture, which creates a unified environment for activation of the several functions of the network elements. The SDN orchestration layer (software defined network) allows an end-to-end management of the services, with automation of discrete configurations (work with each supplier’s patented interfaces), which could delay for weeks or months the innovations in the business applications.

Infrastructure to traffic automatically optimized

The optimized technology uses the most efficient switching protocols and automatically configures the connectivity layer according to the services demand. The capacity to dynamically allocate the traffic to more appropriate routes ensure better performance, Capex and Opex reduction, besides facilitating the contingency schemes and failure recovery. Based on the industry standards, the solution brings benefits in the virtualization, automation and optimization to multivendor environments.

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Automatic connection of equipment

With the abstraction of the SDN, adding or replacing network elements is as simple as plugging electric appliances on. The applications, devices and even users see the network as a great connection point, that configures itself when it detects changes

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Dynamic scalability and ease of maneuver

In environments with seasonal demands, the capacity to identify and reconfigure overloaded or underused resources has a significant effect on the Capex and on the network operational cost. SDN allows the reallocation of the end-to-end capacity, fast enough to serve users and best use of investments already made.

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Environment open to innovations and changes

Standardized interfaces allow that products from several suppliers, as well as the introduction of new technologies, are automatically integrated to the corporate network environment

Management of multiple networks and multiple sites

Applications that go through several locations, different data centers and extensions to the cloud are managed end-to-end. The SDN layer exposes the network as a single service and abstracts the complexity of its distributed configurations

Security and compliance

Critical applications can now rely on protections such as micro-segmentation, setting up of virtual circuits and other advanced security implementations, with end-to-end automation of the necessary configurations throughout the network.

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