Wireless Networks

Unified, secure and intelligent management of wireless network and access points.

Have visibility of the applications that access open and internal access points, with the guarantee of priority to the most important traffic. As the volume and diversity of devices, users and applications increase at wireless LANs, our solutions extend the network security to all access points, with a unified management.

Quality of Service

Our solutions ensure availability and QoS for business applications and prevent that the heavy traffic and ancillary applications create unnecessary and costly bottlenecks.

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Visibility and centralized management

In one single control panel, or through cloud services, our solutions provide a wide view of the use of Wi-Fi networks and enable the management from one central point.

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Optimizations, cost reduction and gain in performance

Intelligent resources for use of radiofrequency, balancing between APs (access points), roaming and other Wi-Fi network optimizations reduce the equipment requirements, simplify the operation and ensure the necessary performance.

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Integration with security structure

Our Wi-Fi solutions can be integrated to the firewall platforms, IPS, APT etc., and enable that the security policies permeate the whole network.

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Location-based services for HR, marketing and communication under context

The visibility and traffic control serve not only for security and performance control. With our solutions, employees can receive notifications, retail clients can see promotions at the right time and several other applications can be attached to the circulation and localization data, with the use of analytics on traffic monitoring.

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