Consulting and planning, project management, implementation, support, operation and customization of the IT services and environment.

A5 Solutions’ lines of Services speed up the gains in quality and the return on investment in communication solutions, with minimized costs and risks.
The Services contracts are preceded by a mapping of the technological infrastructure and the business processes, to scale investments and ensure the alignment with the corporate strategy.

  Standardization of best practices
Professionals with certifications in project management (PMI); IT management (ITSM, such as ITIL and Cobit); and other global standards ensure the fulfillment of the best practices in all projects and initiatives.

  Technological updating
Besides the partnerships with the main manufacturers, the experts at A5 Solutions are constantly studying new technologies, what allows them to make use of the most innovative solutions with stability and security.

  Customized solutions
Whatever the combination of technologies is, A5 Solutions ensures the development of integrations, automation of workflow and application software to fulfill the objectives related to users’ satisfaction and client’s experience..

  Costs and risks reduction
A5 Solutions permanently invests on the qualification of multidisciplinary teams, as well as in the best development tools for projects, implementation, support and IT operation. The gain in scale enables the standardization of a wide support, with experts in every detail, at affordable costs..

  Multidisciplinary competence
Our clients can have experts in several items related to the communication solutions, from behavioral aspects of users and clients to the optimization of the infrastructure for a given process or application.

  Experience in business cases
A5 Solutions works in critical projects in several industries. This experience with the most innovative technologies, in real use conditions, enable it to extract the maximum from the solutions in each business context, as well as to make it easier to foresee and overcome problems..

  Security and compliance
The guidelines to the best practices, the multidisciplinary teams and the internal processes at A5 Solutions enable the clients served by our lines of Services to undergo security and compliance to standards audits such as PCI, PII and other standards required in industries such as finance, retail and healthcare..

  Support to environments on premise, in the cloud or hybrid
A5 Solutions supports the most efficient combination for the support of the business and provides a unified management of the structure, no matter where the resources are located..

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