Cloud services

Cloud platform flexibility, high standards of customization and security.

Implement or extend your contact center and communication systems with A5 Solutions’ cloud solutions.
Along with the scalability and Capex reduction, A5 Solutions’ Cloud Services bring the flexibility of the cloud platform, while keeping the highest standards in customization and security of all corporate projects.

High availability and security

A5’s cloud solutions are hosted in a Tier III data center and run on a high availability and security structure, with corporate resources to contingency and backup.

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Customized SLAs

Due to its expertise, A5 understands your applications, the scale of your operation and the critical points to the business, which serve as a basis to the Service Level Agreements at the exact extent of the needs.

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Full functionalities

The cloud offer includes several applications, such as ommnichannel service (voice, e-mail, text message, chat); automatic response (IVR); screen and voice; CTI; active contact center (outbound); management services and service desk, with real-time and historical reports.

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Time to market and differentiation

Previously optimized infrastructure and platforms for communication and relationship applications enable organizations to focus on the excellence in services, with no additional costs and effort in the implementation of the technological support.

A5 Solutions has a core service, which has a software factory, that develops its own solutions and technology products that complement the products of our manufacturers

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