Consulting and project management

Total project management with excellence in attendance, delivery and business consulting.

A5 Solutions’ Consulting and Projects area has experts in a vast range of technological solutions, market methodologies, indicators, regulatory bodies, quality standards and information security, business processes, applications to encompass all requirements for successful projects (from the behavioral aspects to the best economic use of technology resources), focusing on the client’s business and its peculiarities.

From the best practices, methodologies, ongoing study and the experience in dozens of awarded projects, we design solutions and processes that bring costs rationalization; a leap in the indicators (conversion, recovery or whatever objectives that may be); besides the increase in the satisfaction index, both internal and among clients.

Process and business assessment

A specialized team makes an in-depth revision of the communication processes, as well as the use of operation and management tools, to identify opportunities for improvement that makes the organization get closer to the best standards.

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Infrastructure assessment

Certified technicians map and analyze the use of technologies and services in relation to the market methodologies, processes, best practices and standards, in order to reach optimizations that maximize the performance, enable costs rationalization and accelerate the return on investment, while keeping the focus on the gains and benefits to the businesses of each one of our clients and of our clients’ clients.

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Omnichannel experience and capacity

Besides the specialization in multiple customers’ service channels, A5 Solutions helps enable an ongoing and satisfactory experience in the several interaction channels.

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Multi-generation customer service

Clients used to navigate on a mobile app or those who prefer calling a contact center have the same services and facilities, extending the development of the functionalities to all communication platforms. Even in traditional channels, both the public and the organization benefit from the innovations, with more productive interactions and in continuous improvement.

Automation, humanization and reduction of cost of care

Studies and permanent research allow the delivery of more efficient models of self-service, as well as the optimization and use of assisted service.

Continuous improvement with analytics

Besides the optimizations, it can also be implemented reports, indicators and analysis that proactively identify bottleneck risks, as well as opportunities for improvement.

Analytics and big data for business generation

The data obtained by means of several interaction channels may be crossed and converted into insights or customized offers, in projects with full compliance with the standards in Protection of Personal Data and Privacy.

Increase in productivity and internal satisfaction

When finding out hidden bottlenecks; identifying opportunities to simplify or automate processes; and equipping operators in a more appropriate manner, the work environment benefits from more rewarding interactions with clients.


Long experience with the best equipment configuration, best practices in business processes and quality of the service result in a reduction of up to 15% in the average service time, resolution of calls, completion of operations in self-service channels and other improvements occur along with the cost reduction and other internal gains focused on the KPIs of each segment of our clients.

A5 Solutions has a core service, which has a software factory, that develops its own solutions and technology products that complement the products of our manufacturers

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