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Development of objective solutions to complex problems focused on the best experience, productivity and customer satisfaction

In order to provide customized integration, automation and development tools that enable objective solution to complex problems, A5 Solutions keeps a software development unit, with groups of analysts and programmers capable of turning your best ideas into functionalities that are immediately available.
The Software House provides simple and effective alternatives to offer the best relationship experience, with leaps of productivity and satisfaction for both sides, the employee and the client.

Best self-service, IVR and mobile experience

With the quick programming technologies, we adjust the interactions in the Interactive Voice Response to the best practices in the market, as well to the particularities of the target audience. For smartphones users, the Visual IVR solution turns dial-up navigation scripts into the menus of an application, what enables that the same set of rules and functionalities to be accessible in multiple channels.

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Automation of workflow and integration between systems

A5 Solutions’ development team is ready to design and develop integrations between systems, eliminating operational bottlenecks that cause rework, data inconsistencies and risk of conflict or dissatisfaction.

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Innovative Technologies

Besides the traditional operation in a model of Software House, A5 Solutions also has expertise in the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies such as biometric authentication, speech recognition, Artificial Intelligence, among other features. Our methodology enables to structure the base code and that functionalities are added or changed in it, without putting the stability at risk, not requiring to review the code that has already been developed.

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From the design to the ongoing optimization

We operate from the idea of the solution and the functional detailing until the testing and production phases. We also keep an ongoing development process, of maintenance of the code, as well changes and additions to the functionalities.
In order to meet the dynamics of the largest national contact centers operations, we have developed quick processes with the business areas involved (IT, marketing etc.) and a transparent costs structure, which enable that the ideal solution for your audience and its objectives are implemented at the right time.

Standing out in the market

The set of communication technologies and systems improve the productivity in general, but the differential is seen when the company manages to align the use of these tools to its manner of serving and relating to clients. The customized software leverages internal communication, facilitates cooperation and promotes leaner and more objective processes, which result in relevant and satisfactory answers in the interactions with the client.

Standardization of best practices

Besides the set of functionalities and the software performance, all development initiatives follow standards and regulations since the documentation, code, development and quality processes, tools and security, besides other factors that define the total quality of the applications.

A5 Solutions has a core service, which has a software factory, that develops its own solutions and technology products that complement the products of our manufacturers

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