Managed Services

The highest corporate standards for maintenance, support and IT services as far as your business is concerned.

Each day, companies depend more and more on the availability and performance of the several components in communications and IT services to obtain competitiveness and efficiency levels, essential to any differentiation strategy in the market. A5 Solutions’ Managed Services offer an alternative to innovate business processes, with scaled costs and access to the best methodologies, tools and a multidisciplinary team of experts made easier.

Ongoing monitoring and proactive actions

Qualified technicians, with sophisticated tools, permanently monitor the conditions and the performance of the network and IT environment, to act proactively to any sign of risk..

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Support 8×5 or 24×7

Incidents, adjustment needs and other demands to the support may occur at any time. According to the premises of the business activity, support teams are scaled to avoid overload of work at business hours, and they may, as well, monitor the environment the whole time.

Customized service desk

Teams with the highest certifications render support and other services based on processes designed according to the client’s priorities and strategies, working with flexibility, agility, availability and excellence.

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Full and complete tools

The NOC (network operations core) at A5 Solutions has the best and most recent tools for IT services management.

Onsite maintenance and spare parts

According to the project, A5 teams are residents or render onsite service. The Managed Services operation scale also enable an inventory of spare parts is kept, what minimizes even more any risk of unavailability.

Management reports and ongoing improvements

Analysis about the performance, goal fulfillment, as well as recommendations to gain efficiency, productivity and quality are regularly produced.

TCO decrease and ROI increase

Professionals with certifications from the manufacturers and experience in corporate projects make sure that it is used the maximum of the existing resources, without breaks with configuration, maintenance or expansions that can be avoided.

SLAs Management

The Managed Services line provides a centralized and articulated view of the Service Level Agreements with several suppliers and providers who serve the clients.

Alignment and discipline

From the planning to the operation phase, the priorities of the monitoring, support and maintenance processes are clearly aligned to the impact of each communication and IT service in the results of the business.

A5 Solutions has a core service, which has a software factory, that develops its own solutions and technology products that complement the products of our manufacturers

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