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Solutions that bring agility, control of costs and security in the implementation of new technologies.

The technological, structural or incremental updating are an ongoing necessity and challenge to organizations. Competitiveness and efficiency depend on the capacity to make use and extract what is best from the market solutions to your business. A5 Solutions’ Professional Services deliver agility, costs control and security in the implementation of new technologies.

Our teams of professionals have the top certifications from manufacturers and are constantly working to foresee and study the best forms of adoption and use of the solutions of the industry, what results in projects with effective benefits, besides the performance guarantee regarding terms and budgets..

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In a competitive and dynamic industry, technological innovation is, at all times, redefining the standards in operational costs, quality and even of products and services that outsatnd the company in the market. The A5 Solutions’ Professional Services give to companies the conditions to aim at innovations that add more value to them. Our teams, besides being qualified in the solutions, try to understand the client’s subtle differences and particularities of each area, bringing to the business improvements to the main indicators, in search of excellence..

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The project management certified methodologies (PMI), IT management (ITIL and Cobit), the domain of technologies and functionalities of new products, as well as the needs of integrations and customizations, enable to plan, in an efficient manner, all the variables that impact on the execution and total cost of the solutions..

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Quick customization

Multidisciplinary and coordinated teams are capable of responding with the best configurations for each use case. We focus on the analysis of solutions to extract the best results in the client’s indicators. It is the integration of Technology with the Business.


Certified experts in the Professional Services’ team go deeply into the configuration of each functionality, in order to maximize the benefits of the solution in the environment and in the KPIs of our clients.

Multi-tier support

A5 Solutions’ professionals have the support of internal teams, with various specializations and certifications, which, in turn, keep in touch directly with the manufacturers’ engineering areas, ensuring a quick and accurate response..

Scaled investments

The security in the delivery of the expected functionalities, the integration with the environment and the benefits for the business facilitate the alignment of innovations/expansions to the return of investment.

A5 Solutions has a core service, which has a software factory, that develops its own solutions and technology products that complement the products of our manufacturers

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